Tuesday, May 17, 2011

6 months.... No it can't be!!!

I have been horrible lately with updated this blog! Elizabeth has grown leaps and bounds over the last month and I felt it necessary to share the big happenings in our home!

Here a little dose of our precious baby girl!

Height: 27 inches
Weight: 14 lbs 13 ounces

Food, food and more food please! She is having four meals everyday. Breakfast; is a solid 9 ounce bottle with rice mixed in. Lunch; 6 ounce bottle and one full container of baby food. Dinner is another 6 ounce bottle with a full container of baby food. Night time bottle of 8 ounces. Right now, she doesn't seem to enjoy bananas which I find quite strange, but she is quite fond of sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans and peas.

Movement! (Big month!)
Elizabeth is now sitting up on her own. She has been strong enough to sit up for a while, but was totally uninterested in it. She will occasionally fall over, but most of the time that is strictly because she is reaching for a toy that might be a bit too far away. She rolls everywhere and has started to scoot like a little caterpillar. I am sure crawling is within a week or two because she is scooting her knees and legs up and is trying her hardest to figure out this whole "crawling" business. If she wants a toy, she will get it. No stopping her.

Clothes... Whew!
She is still in 3 to 6 months and bless her heart she is skinny and long! Her length will cause us to go to 6 to 9 months very soon, which will make it a fun fight trying to keep her clothes from falling off. :)

Sleep routine...
She has slept through the night since she was two weeks old, but occasionally she will fuss in the night normally around 3 or 4; I'll go in, put the pacifier in her mouth and she will go back to sleep till at least 7. If she isn't crying when she wakes up I will let her play in her crib for a little while. It is so cute to hear all the little noises she makes! Quite the little talker.

Can this fit into my mouth...
Right now EVERYTHING goes straight to her mouth. A toy, her hands, her feet, my hand, cups, anything she can get her hands on will immediately go to her mouth.

Endless love and energy!
She loves anyone that she meets and unless she is hungry or needs a diaper change she is quite a pleasant baby. She is full of energy and I am sure this is only the beginning!

Elizabeth was dedicated on Mother's Day at the Grove Church in Fayetteville. It was a great day for our family and loved having my parents, brother, grandparents and mother-in-law in town for the occasion. She was a hoot on stage and was talking up a storm to our pastor. Hilarious!

What's new with her Mommy...
Right now I am trying to figure out where I want my career to go once Elizabeth starts Pre-School. I went from being so involved in college to being a full time mommy (which I adore), but occasionally I do go a bit stir crazy and need to put my attention on something other than mommylife. With my degree I can teach or pursue something in the realm of personal training, health/wellness/fitness; both of which I love! Quite a battle going on in my head right now. I have given this over to God and hope he will bring me some peace in a decision soon! She will be in pre-school before we know it!

Happy Tuesday!