Friday, April 15, 2011

A dose of 5 months!

It truly is amazing the changes in E every single day! What is new with her this month?
  • Bottle just doesn't suffice, we are onto Gerber stage 1. I have been putting rice cereal in her body for nearly a month and a few weeks ago she finally started taking to the spoon. It is crazy the messes we make when we eat now.
We have 4 bottles throughout the day, breakfast, lunch, dinner and nigh time bottle. The three during the day are normally 7 to 8 ounces with at least an inch of rice cereal to thicken it. The nighttime bottle has a bit more rice cereal so she doesn't wake up starving in the morning. Daddy does bedtime every night and brings her to me in her room for bottle and rocking. She really is quite a lovely baby because it doesn't take too long to get her to sleep. Most of the time she is asleep even before she finishes her bottle.
  • Clothes...She is finally in 3 to 6 months clothes, but is nearing 26 inches long but is only 13 lbs.... This means 6 months is too big but is long enough for her. Such a predicament. I manage to go through several outfits every day before we find one that fits right. Too small or too large, but occasionally we run into something that fits perfect. :)

  • Talking... She talks up a storm and has such a sweet disposition. I guess with two extravert parents who were told to be quiet for years in school would result in a talkative child. We have started hearing wa wa wa, which is a new sound that is quite fun to hear.
  • Playing... She has started reaching for toys, bottles, cups, plates, tables, watches, hair, you name it, she will reach for it. She loves anything that makes noises and she adores music. She loves putting things in her mouth, especially hands, toys, cups, spoons. Quite hilarious. She plays with her toes more than anything and I think her hands taste as good as the bottle some days. If you leave your shirt near her mouth, it will become her chew toy. My granddad's shoulder get's soaked! She is incredibly curious about her surroundings and it is precious to watch.
  • Teeth... she has a couple teeth you can feel if you push against her top gum. This would explain the enormous drooling and the fact that a bib is apart of her wardrobe not for spit up purposes but to catch the drool.
  • Movement... she is so close to sitting up on her own, but she prefers rolling all over the floor over sitting up, right now. If a Disney movie is on she will turn, twist, sit her body in any way so that she can see the TV. Pretty cute! She has become quite ticklish too
  • People... she will look if you around if you say Elizabeth, Momma or Dadda. When Daddy gets home from work, its Daddy time and she makes it known. She loves people to talk to her and will smile at anyone. She can't get enough of Mimi's long hair, she loves Gran's glasses, she watches everyone as they eat (Wondering...where's mine) :)
  • Sleep... She has slept through the night since she was two weeks old, which was incredible!!!! Occasionally we will have a night where she will fuss around 3 or 4, but a pacifier will easily put her back to sleep. She typically goes to bed around 8:45 and wakes up around 7:15 to 8am. It depends on how much she has played the day before.

SICKNESS... For nearly a month she has been battling bronchitis and a now a sinus infection. I am amazed at what she can catch even when she is staying at home with me. But she has been quite the trooper and I have been in awe of the fact that she still has fun and plays during the day despite her not feeling as perky as normal.

She is a complete joy and HUGE blessing in our lives! We adore her and can't get enough.

Just a little dose of baby Elizabeth!

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