Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Itty Bitty Teenie Weenie Polka Dot Bikini

Whew! Life has been a bit hectic lately!

Today I continued to think about where I am wanting to take my career once E starts school full-time. I thought my mind was set on teaching elementary, but it seems that isn't the case, for the moment anyway. Although I absolutely adore being a stay at home mom, I have been desiring to find something to do outside of my precious munchkin. My degree from the University of Arkansas was in Kinesiology Education K-12, which gives me a lot of options career wise....I can choose the grade level I want to teach and take the Praxis examinations for that particular area or I could do virtually anything within the health and nutrition arena. One thing that came to my mind today was personal training. I thought back to my days of competing in Miss Arkansas and realized that outside of interview and talent, one key area of VAST importance is looking your absolute best in that teenie weenie bikini! My last year competing in Miss Arkansas, I realized it wasn't about having the best body, but about truly shining from the neck up and being confident in who I was. Yes, I had worked incredibly hard to get into the best shape I possibly could and was still doing lunges up until the moment I walked out on stage, but I was finally at a point where I was just trying to be me. I knew where my weak areas were with swimsuit and I worked on those up until the very last moment I could. This realization today caused me to think...Maybe I could give back to the organization that gave so much to me. I have had my own personal struggles with disordered eating, so as I prepared for Miss Arkansas I never was going to be apart of the starvation diet, but changed my lifestyle so that I could be in the best shape for me. Things I adore, working with people, seeing people achieve there goals while maintaining true to themselves and pushing people to reach beyond what they think is possible. One thing I thought about....I would not be a trainer that would sit back and let you do all the work while I watched, but would join in with you. I'm all about active participation. Right now, I am trying to figure out the feasibility of wanting to be a personal trainer and also the reality of would those girls going to compete at Miss Arkansas even want me as a trainer. . We have to all reach a point where we realize showing an airbrushed magazine picture and saying... "Make me look like this", is unrealistic. But I want to be able to help those I work with to realize that your own perfected bikini body isn't out of reach. Right now, I am thinking, personalized workout routines to fit that individual girl, working on the walk, poses, finding the perfect swimsuit, and how to eat "real" food as one prepares to walk out on stage with a smile from the inside out. What I am applying to those girls competing for MA can also be applied to anyone, minus a few points here and there ha-ha! :)

My degree has given me the education on what working out and healthy eating does to one's body; and my personal experience with countless personal trainers and competing gives me much insight into the fact that a one size fits all mold doesn't work. Even though I did win a swimsuit award at MA, this isn't about winning awards, but about being able to help girls of all shapes and sizes be truly confident in who God designed them to be :)....Obtaining a personal training certification could be quite a fun venture for me!

Just my thoughts from today....

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