Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Mommy!

This week has been FULL of me finishing leftover course work from last semester and I am so happy to say that I am finished. All work has been turned in! Yippee!! I can now totally devote myself to life outside of school work! For the past few months I have felt like an elephant was always in the room and that elephant is now gone. See ya later homework :)
Back in February my parents had asked me what I wanted for my birthday and the response was "pictures of Elizabeth"!!! This past Tuesday I finally got those pictures taken of our little angel by the fabulous Blaire Perry. A dear friend Brandi Rushton, let us use her awesome furniture for the shoot and I was beyond thrilled. Justin and I are rather "traditional" and our "matchy, matchy" furniture just wouldn't do ha-ha! While Elizabeth wasn't so sure about all these pictures being taken, she was quite the trooper and lasted nearly the entire photoshoot without getting too fussy! I kept wanting to talk to Blaire about life, which might have cut into our photo taking time, but it ceases to amaze me how God brings amazing people into your life at the "perfect" time. Yesterday, I got on facebook only to see that Blaire had posted two of Elizabeth's pictures from the shoot and I was a GIDDY Momma! I absolutely adore Elizabeth and Blaire was able to capture her personality effortlessly! I was a huge fan of Blaire's work before, and now I believe I could be her biggest cheerleader!!! Now, it is important to point out that Blaire does not just do fabulous newborn shoots, SO, if you are in need of pictures for your upcoming wedding, engagement, graduating senior, growing kiddos or any other crazy photo ideas, she is your girl!

Today is a beautiful today! Go out and enjoy it!

Much Love!


  1. She did a great job. Love the pictures of Elizabeth. She really is just a beautiful baby.

  2. I just found your blog and wanted to say hi and let you know I am your newest follower. Love your blog! :)