Friday, February 25, 2011

Whew! What a week!

Since I still have yet to finish all of my homework from last semester due to the lovely arrival of Elizabeth, I decided to limit blogging time to one day a week so that I would "hopefully" spend more time on homework and less time playing on the computer during the limited about of free time I do have. It was a success this week! Nearly finished with homework and anxiously awaiting being done so that I can be free from the bondage that is "graduate school course work"!!!

The Boeving clan is headed to a community group retreat this weekend! WAHOO! I am so excited about growing our family spiritually and spending quality time with some of our dear friends! Hopefully the weather is beautiful tomorrow and Elizabeth can have a play date outside :)

I recently found a Northwest Arkansas Gem! Blaire Perry.... If you have not viewed her work than you should. This Tuesday Elizabeth and I will get the priviledge of visiting with her again as E has her very first photoshoot!!!!! YAY! Eager to have photos of our precious little one. Will she be shy, or will she be a diva :)

What's new with E?
She is so very close to rolling over
She is nearly too long for 0 to 3 months but is too skinny for 3 to 6. hmm... predicament!
She is surpassing 10lbs but barely!
She loves hugging onto her toys
She talks at everything in site!
She is a joy....but well, that isn't new :)

Much love!

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