Monday, February 14, 2011

Catch Up!

Elizabeth is down for her morning nap that usually occurs around 11 am, but today she decided to wake up at 7am instead of 8:30. That's okay though, because I was eager to play and Daddy loved getting to love on her before he left for work. One thing I've realized about E is that she truly is the boss.... a very cute boss, but a boss indeed! :)

This weekend was jammed packed full of shopping, Mommy getting pampered thanks to Mimi and Poppy, continued Birthday celebration due to the enormous amounts of snow from Wednesday and Justin surprising Elizabeth and I with Valentines presents! Yippeee!!!

Elizabeth was officially 3 months old as of Saturday! It is amazing to look at pictures of when she was first born and then look at her now and see all the changes occuring each and everyday! THe Hubby went and got Elizabeth Valentines toys, one being a toy that straps around each of her arms and jingles when she moves. Nothing like her making her own music via moving her arms till she can't move them anymore.

God's lesson....
God is constantly showing me how he brings people into your life at the perfect moment for all involved. For instance, a dear friend and I reconnected over a year ago now and she has truly become one of the biggest blessings in my life. Justin and I love getting to spend time with her and her husband and truly are amazed at the work God has done in our lives through them. We were looking for a church home and were going back and forth trying to find one that blended Justin's Catholic background and my Baptist upbringing. Which turned out to be quite difficult. Around October they mentioned us coming to visit the Grove church off of Sunbridge in Fayetteville, and Justin and I instantly realized we had found our perfect church home. Not only do they have a pastor who truly teaches us every Sunday, but a church with music I adore and communion that is available for Justin to take. Every Sunday Justin and I both leave feeling energized and encouraged in our walks with Christ. I cannot thank God enough for bringing me a friend that I not only look up to, but a friend I am inspired by.

Just a few thoughts for the morning....time to play with Elizabeth and then feed her at 10 :)
Enjoy the beautiful weather!!!!
With Love,

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